Project: The font LightLetters

“Oh wauw! A new section on, and also the first blogpost in English. Bram, what are you up to?” Well, I will tell you that. It’s because it’s an international project, founded in Berlin with the wonderfull people of Letters Are My Friend. And now, read and watch, yeah?


On the Christmas Party of Letters Are My Friends I initiated an interactive act with all the partypeople. Everybody who was on his way to the toilet, had to make a letter with light. With an exposure of only 3 seconds a daredevil painted a letter with a red or/and white bicycle light. And so we made a new and totally unique font in just a few hours!

Scroll down for some bigger letters.

The C of Clemence Vallée, the T of Bram van Dijk, the Q of Anna Luise Lorenz, the J of Jan Middeldorp and the & of Ingo Italic.